All Of Your Favorite Window Treatments

Shutters, Wood, Faux Wood, Vinyl


Shutters are:  beautiful, classic, low maintenance, lasting in value, with exceptional insulation, light, and privacy control.  No wonder shutters are so popular.  We carry all of the major brands in wood, faux wood and vinyl at discount prices.



Blinds allow light and privacy control, easy ventalation, with classic style at an affordable price.  



This is a big category that includes honeycomb, roller, silhouette, luminette, vignette, zebra, solera and solar shades just to name a few.  We are a Hunter Douglas priority dealer and we also carry many lesser known but high quality specialty shades.

Woven Wood and Roman Shades


Ready for something that's not the same old same old?  Add a little texture to your room with woven wood or roman shades.  There are hundreds of fabrics in all of the popular styles to choose from include Provenance woven wood shades by Hunter Douglas.

Hunter Douglas


We are a priority dealer for Hunter Douglas and we are the experts that can show you how to get the most out of the many products Hunter Douglas has to offer.  We can beat the big box stores in price, knowledge and service when it comes to top end or specialty window treatments.

Motorized Shades


There was a time when you had to roll up your car windows by hand but not anymore.  The same will one day be said for window treatments and at Victoria Norman the future is already here. Let us show you how shade automation can make your life easier.  Want to control your window treatments with your cell phone?  There's an app for that too!